Whimsical Valentine’s Day Cocktail with grapefruit juice and cardamom bitters

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I want you to take a little journey with me. Imagine you’re having people over for Valentine’s Day and you’re super excited to greet your guests at the door with your signature pink cocktail. Or your soon to be signature Whimsical Valentine’s Day cocktail with grapefruit juice and cardamom bitters. You have all the simple ingredients and you’ll pop out later when you have time to grab the alcohol. Then the door bell rings.


Its a delivery man, a spirits delivery man, at your doorstep with the alcohol you needed for the night. Like a pizza delivery man but a thousand times better. Now what if I told you this is a real thing!? I know, mind blown, stay with me now.

There is a company called Drizly created by three friends who were genius enough to realize creating a convenient way of shopping and purchasing alcohol for delivery to your doorstep would be a revelation. They offer hundreds of beers, wines, liquors and add ons such as mixers and fruits. All delivered to your doorstep with the click of your mouse. I was lucky enough to connect with the Drizly team and partner in making a Whimsical Valentine’s Day Cocktail for you.

Out of the many liquor options, I chose to craft a cocktail with their Espolón tequila. Obviously this Valentine’s Day drink had to be a beautiful shade of pink and a fresh fruit like blood oranges or grapefruits came to mind. I’m a huge fan of grapefruit juice in the winter seasons. Citrus has a unique way of perking up any cocktail but added to the floral and peppery Espolón tequila taste with the extra bite of cardamom bitters makes this a lip smacking cocktail treat. Although this whimsically pink cocktail looks like a citrus brunch greeting, drink slowly and savor this one, it’ll sneak up on ya. Serve it with a fun pink Strawberry Swiss Roll and enjoy with your beau or mix up a whole batch and celebrate with your besties for Galentine’s Day.


Okay so I got pretty lucky that out of my 100 plants around the house I have a perfect little Agave plant.

How beautiful is this grapefruit!? I couldn’t help myself I think I took 20 photos just of this sunset colored citrus fruit.

Whimsical Valentine’s Cocktail with grapefruit juice and cardamom bitters

Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker, shake for 3o seconds and pour into a coupe glass. Garnish with grapefruit slice and thyme sprig.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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