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I offer an array of services for brands looking to work together.  Interested in sponsored posts, product reviews, giveaways, and more?  Please email me for pricing.  If you have specific requests, please include them in your email and I’ll do my best to create a custom package that suits your needs.

Sponsored Posts// Contact me for my sponsored post rates and social media promotion (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram).

Product Reviews and Giveaways// I’d love to review your product! If you have something you would like me to review, you will need to provide me with the item to be reviewed along with a fee. In exchange, I will create a full post featuring your company and your product and that post will remain at the top of my blog for (at least) two full days. I will provide honest feedback on the item including photographs and links back to your company and the specific product.

Giveaways are so fun! If you would like One Broads Journey to host a giveaway featuring your company you will need to provide an item or store credit to giveaway and there is a compensation fee for writing and running the giveaway. I will feature your company in a full post and promote your choice of social media. I will promote (via social media) your giveaway several times throughout the time the giveaway is open.


Collaborating// I love collaborating with fellow bloggers on themed posts, giveaways, guest posts, etc.  Want to blog party together, shoot me an email!  I’d love to connect.

Website Design// While blogging tips are great, you first need an attractive site to lure those readers in! Ever looked at your website and thought what a mess? Or how boring? Look no further! With a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a specialization in Graphic Design I’m here to help. I’ve worked with non-profits, breweries, bloggers, photographers, company events, and large corporations down to small businesses to help create beautiful design elements to make their websites unique. Let’s revamp your website to create a a unique, attractive, and comprehensive blog.

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