How to prepare your beer brewed spent grains for baking

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First I have to apologize for playing the disappearing act for the last month and a half. I’d decided in January 2016, that this year would hold big changes for me. I would get a new job to help put money towards Teluna, I’d move to a new city, I’d start doing art festivals, I’d create more designs and new products for Teluna, and much more. WELP It’s all happening!!

I started a job I really love in DC in March, I move to Arlington in June, I just completed an arts festival in Baltimore, Teluna has many new pillow cover and headband designs and I’m branching into wholesale to small local boutiques this summer! Ahhh so much excitement and so much stress and so very very little time to get new posts out to you guys, my wonderful readers and I’m sorry about that. But no worries! I’m jumping back up on that blogging horse and we can ride into the sunset of inspiration together. Lots of fun posts on the horizon so keep an eye out!

Okay, Now onto the good stuff.

Did you know that 40% of all food in this country ends up wasted? That kills me!!

If there is ever anything I can do to reverse that statistic I don’t see why I shouldn’t help. There are many things you can do to reduce food waste. One of the main things I do is compost: a plant nutritional collection of dirt, leaves, and excess cuttings from cooking to put into your garden. How great is that? Reusing food scraps you’d usually throw away to grow your own food again!

So when I started brewing my own beer I figured why not save and reuse my spent grains too!? They smelled so good, like burnt sugar and maltiness, and looked like a fibrous bowl of oatmeal. Instant thought: Perfect for baking!!

Spent grains have almost as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal and add a real nutty flavor to baking. They can add another level to your baked goods and a hearty texture great for muffins, waffles, and more. If you’re planning to brew at home or you’re already doing so, don’t throw those spent grains away. Use this quick tutorial below to learn how to prepare, package, store and use them for future baking and cooking uses.

Haven’t brewed your own beer yet but looking to get started? I loved the fun and super easy to use brew kits from Uncommon Goods. It comes with everything you need. Now I can make any 1 gallon brews at home because I have all the equipment. It also makes a great gift!

Preparing your Beer Brewed Spent Grains for Baking

1. Allow grains to cool before handling. I set mine aside during the brewing process and by the time that was completed, the grains had cooled completely.

2. You know how the instructions for brewing with a grain bag say “DO NOT SQUEEZE THE
GRAIN BAG”? Ahhh I so badly want to squeeze the grain bag to get all the extra good juices out! Drives me crazy, it’s like not being allowed to use a spatula to get the rest of the batter out of a bowl…anywho… I know you want to squeeze the grain
bag too so now’s your chance! Squeeze that bag until all the yummy grain juices are out.


Put the full grain bag (still tied) into a metal colander in the sink, place something heavy like a pan or food cans and let it sit to release all the liquid. Kinda like when you dry out tofu.


how to save brewed spent grains for cooking

3. Cut your grain bag open and pour grains into your food processor.  The grains will still be
slightly wet, this is good. Pulse until ground completely.

how to save brewed spent grains for cooking

4. Remove the grains, form into a small rectangle, and wrap with saran wrap. With a small batch, you’ll only get 2 to 3 small ground grain packs. With a full-size brew, you should have a little over a dozen.

how to save brewed spent grains for cooking

5. Wrap them tight, place in a Tupperware and place in the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

how to save brewed spent grains for cooking
A few hours before you plan on using your grains, take them out of the freezer and let them thaw fully. You can also place them in the fridge overnight to thaw slowly. Substitute them for oats in any of your baking or cooking needs! Keep an eye out for upcoming recipes using the grains.


How to save beer brewed spent grains for baking | DIY Home Brewing just now



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