Travel Diary: Paris

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Cue The Chainsmokers Paris lyric because that’s what we blasted for the last three mornings getting ready for our Parisian days. Mix in wine, a daily 2 am chocolate croissant and the worlds smallest shower and you were basically there with us. Posting a quick travel diary update to get this travel series ball rollin, Euro 2017 LEEETTTSSSS GOOOOOO!!


We arrived in Paris around 7am on Tuesday morning. Heading to our hotel we hoped they’d let us check in 3 hours early (yea right), so we had to lock all our belongings in a mailbox type wall and walked our tired behinds into the city to get this trip started. First stop… Eiffel Tower. It began raining and was approximately 15 degrees colder than expected/packed for so we did what any traveler would do… popped into a gorgeous Paris café and drank wine until the rain stopped. Not at all considering that we had been up for 48 hours at this point and the wine would immediately cause narcolepsy, we sleepily ran back to the hotel, checked in, took an hour nap and regrouped for the rest of our Paris time.

The next 3 days were filled with museums, the most color side streets you’ve ever laid eyes on, lots of food and wine, and unforgettable time spent with a dear friend. It took months of planning, pinteresting, and IG location stalking but we covered down to every little street and site we wanted to see. Well worth the time spent researching and we’re happy to pass along the knowledge. Here’s a few teaser photos, mostly for you mama bear and grandma, because I know your checking daily for proof of life. Love you!

Check back soon for a step by step of how we did Paris in just 3 days. Fore warning… its an absurd amount of walking.

Next up… Barcelona!

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