Style Tips to Get Your Guy Ready for Summer [Guest Post]

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Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start getting ready for the warm weather. While you might know exactly what’s in style for the new season there’s a good chance your man might be lost in the dark. If he’s going to be tagging along on your next beach trip the least he can do is try not to embarrass you when you walk around. Here are a few tips to help you man look his best when you’re getting ready for the beach.

Chief among these fashion sins is allowing him to wear cargo shorts outside of the house. It’s understandable to need to wear shorts in the summer. It’s hot and breathability takes precedence over staying on trend. However, cargo shorts, as comfortable as they might be, are only acceptable for lazing around the house and doing yardwork. They’re not appropriate beach attire, or even bar attire for that matter. This guide on how to wear shorts is actually essential reading for any guy, but the key takeaway is that you don’t want them too long, but you don’t want them too short either. While pleats are a death knell for a pair of pants, they’re not bad on shorts. What you want is a pair of pleated polo shorts with somewhere around a 9″ inseam. Basically, you want the shorts to be one, maybe two, inches above the knee. Use caution though, erring too far on either side above or below can spell fashion disaster.


When he starts lamenting that you just burned his favorite cargo shorts you can cheer him up by telling him that sandals are actually on trend this year. All of the biggest designers are offering their own spins on the fashionable flip-flop and a nice pair of comfortable, leather sandals is set to be all the rage this summer. Toss out the Tevas though, those are never coming back. One article recommends investing in a pair of Birkenstocks to match those shorts you were so kind to gift him but avoid the unfortunate fashion trend of socks with sandals. That’s one fashion trend that we will never, ever, be cool with no matter what people say.

So you’ve got the shorts, and you’ve got the shoes, but what about the shirt? Everyone has (or should have) a good summer polo but even better for the summer is the button-down sport shirt. There’s some inspiration to be found from the off-shore collection at this site with a variety of solids and patterns that look great whether you’re relaxing on the porch or heading to an office summer party. The double breast pockets are both flattering and convenient while the lightweight material is sure to help you keep your cool on even the hottest of the dog days of summer.

By following even just a few of these tips you’ll be sure to have your guy looking great all summer long and ready for a date on the boardwalk in no time.


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