No Excuses

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For some of my readers you’ve probably been wondering if I was kidnapped, sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, maybe in a coma from food and cocktails? While the rest are thinking “You were gone?” finally someone told her to subside the incessant talking to herself… I mean blogging. We’ll for the ladder, I’m not sorry I’M BAAAAAAACK!!

So I’ve posted twice… this year. And for those who actually follow this blog I apologize. While there’s no excuse… just kidding its called life and I don’t need an excuse, let me fill you in on where I’ve disappeared to in 2017.

First… I quit my job
Then… was completely ghosted on by a guy I really should of guessed would be a major disappointment
Travled to Paris, Barcelona and Prague
Picked up a new job nannying so I could still afford rent and put money into Teluna (side hustle? or daily torture?)
Worked harder on Teluna in the last couple months than I have in the last year
Moved to a new place (more on that later…)
Had a Teluna booth in the Annapolis Arts & Wine Festival
Traveled to NY
Started dating a wonderful guy
Developed a drinking limit (this part sucked)
Traveled to NC for family time
Began a hardcore workout schedule
& now here we are. Exhausted and Happy.

In a new place, with a new job, trying to get in shape, dating a new guy, working harder than ever to keep my company flourishing while keeping two kids alive and now jumping back in to One Broads Journey. PHEW! So this is me committing to sharing new recipes, travel tips, cocktails, adventures, business tips and more.

I won’t say I’ve figured out life any more than before… but trying to be a Girl Boss as a full time nanny balancing friendships and a relationship, I’m definitely learning something new everyday. And if any of you made it to the end of this rant I appreciate the support and your general lack of other entertainment. You’ll be hearing from me soon.


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