The End Of The Year Project

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The year 2016 is coming to a close and as I prep my 2017 New Years Resolutions I think “why in the hell am I waiting to do all these things or make these changes until next year?” That just seems like pure laziness. I’ve decided as I roll into my 26th birthday that instead I’ll create my own End of the Year Project. All the things I should add into my life, change, start, or complete before 2017 sneaks up on me.

In this past year I’ve moved, started a new job, gone through a break up, made new friends, changed my entire surroundings and had some serious internal emotional battles ending in empty bottles of wine, some tears, some dance parties, and more added pounds than I care to share.

The Challenge: 3 paintings, finish the living room, 4 adventures, 1 spa/primping day, 3-4 days a week workout schedule, a family visit(not including holidays), 4 recipes, 4 cocktail recipes, 2 outfit shoots, throw a ballin birthday party, 1 museum visit, 1 new card and 1 new print design, try 10 new restaurants, and the acceptance of turning 26. Holy Moly, I’m going to have a panic attack.

So here it is, I’m locking into a contract with myself. Diana Johnson, web developer & bridal specialist by day, foodie/artist/business owner/blogger/hyper active dancer by night. Risking my relationships, my job and my mental well being in the pursuit of accomplishing random end of the year self assigned tasks. I have signed on to a deranged assignment with myself to get to my happiest internal self possible. Worth the stress, lack of sleep, and lifestyle changes? Let’s hope so.

October 28th 2016 Electronic Signature: Diana Johnson.

That’s signed with tequila and cookie crumbs you just can’t see it on here.

Do you have your own end of the year goals? I’d love to hear about them!

UPDATE: November 28th 2016

Finished the following: 1 painting, decorating the living room, 1 massage (spa day), keeping on track with workouts (thank you Jillian Michael Kettle Bell videos), 1 cocktail recipe, awesome birthday weekend, and I’ve tried 6 new restaurants!! When you set goals for yourself it’s crazy what you can accomplish and experience in a short amount of time. 33 days left, lets see what happens!

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