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For someone who crazy organizes their closet and keeps a color coordinated planner, I must admit, when it comes to jewelry I’m a total disaster. I used to leave every weekend for somewhere so I never saw the point in organizing all of it when it’d all get shoved in a bag that next Friday. I currently have all my necklaces…in a box and all my rings in an old pencil case. AHHH the monstrosity! So I knew once I moved I really needed to organize all my sparkling goodies and the first place to start is a home for my rings.

I have lots and lots of rings. It’s the first thing I seek out to buy on vacation and has become a bit of a collectors item for me. It’s my favorite accessory and such a great way to add a sparkly bohemian touch to an outfit. With the amount of money  I put into them, I’ve got to start keeping them organized. I’ve dropped dainty rings before, they rolled under the bed, and I didn’t find them again until my vacuum sucked them up into a crushed dirt filled oblivion never to be seen again. So what’s a DIYing ring lover to do? Make a ring holder of course! Below are some of the unique ring holders I’ve found to inspire you to DIY one for yourself!

DIY Ring Holder One Broads journey

DIY Ring Holder One Broads journey

DIY Ring Holder One Broads journey



diy ring holder inspiration one broads journey

diy ring holder one broads journey

1.Elephant Ring Stand: Etsy 2. Octopus Ring Holder: Francesca’s 3. Umbrella Ring Holder: Anthropologie 4. Gold Antler Ring Holder: One Broads Journey 5. Faux Ceramic Ring Holder: Almost Makes Perfect 6. Pewter Starfish Ring Holder: Modern Artisans 7. Arrow Ring Holder: CB2 8. Daisy Place Ring Dish: Kate Spade

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