DIY Aztec Bean Pumpkin Decor

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This is one of those DIYs you are either  really excited to make or you pin it out of design but laugh at the fact that there’s no way in sweet heaven you’re spending that much time gluing beans onto a pumpkin. Understandable. But it’s also one of those DIYs that you feel so accomplished and proud when you’ve completed it and can share it with your family and friends at your Thanksgiving table. It really adds a lifted element of design to the table and shows off your hand craft skills. Try placing your completed DIY Aztec Bean Pumpkin on a candle stand for a WOW table center piece.


1 pumpkin, white paint, paint brush, 1 bag 15 bean soup, hot glue gun

DIY Bean Aztec Pumpkin

::HOW TO::

DIY Bean Aztec Pumpkin

1. First the tedious part… separate your 15 bean soup. Ahhhh I know, but pour yourself a glass of wine and put on a good show or movie and do this the night before. Your future self will thank you.
DIY Bean Aztec Pumpkin

2. Using measuring tape or something circular, create an upper circle and a bottom circle.

DIY Bean Aztec Pumpkin

3. Sketch out evenly spaced triangles within your top and bottom circles.

DIY Bean Aztec Pumpkin

4. I got really into this as you can see and totally forgot to take pictures as I started. But here you can see how I used the different colors from the 15 bean soup to create a multi colored aztec triangle print. The colors, design, and layout are totally up to you!

DIY Bean Aztec Pumpkin

DIY Bean Aztec Pumpkin

5. Display it on the table with the rest of your Thanksgiving decor and impress your family and friends!

DIY Aztec bean pumpkin

Happy Thanksgiving Week!


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